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Lifetime Chiro has been providing care to the Kenmore community for over 15 years. Established patients have shared their experiences with family, friends and others, referring many new patients to us over the years.

Local chiropractors Dr. Jordenne Troy and Dr. Samantha Walker are proud of what has been accomplished in the past, and looks to build on this foundation. With an active community and many young families, they have promoted a wellness lifestyle suitable for all ages.

Going Beyond Adjustments

Dr. Samantha and Dr. Jordenne want to get to know you and understand your health goals. They take the time to really listen to you and find out what's going on. Through discussion, answering your questions and concerns, they dig deep to see how chiropractic may work for you.

We're going to treat you like we want to be treated, investing our time and energy, because we care about you. Your immediate problems will be addressed, and we'll help you ensure continued good health. Getting you healthy now and keeping you that way for years to come is our job.

Helping you achieve your best health and well-being is our commitment to you. You make the health choices, and we'll provide the support you need every step of the way. We're building a long-term relationship with your best health and wellness in mind.

Delivering whole body care may involve more than chiropractic care. We offer Spinal Decompression Therapy and Massage Therapy as part of your treatment plan. These modalities support chiropractic adjustments and help with your recovery.

We are the only practice offering spinal decompression in the area; why not see if it might make a difference for you? A non-invasive, drug free alternative to surgery, in conjunction with chiropractic adjustment may provide a better solution for your pain.


Chiropractic Care

Spinal Decompression

Massage Therapy

Pregnancy Chiropractic




I’m originally from Sunny Brisbane, but ventured over to New Zealand to complete my chiropractic training at the acclaimed New Zealand College of Chiropractic in Auckland. After graduating, I moved further south in NZ and started my career at a thriving, family oriented wellness practice in Hawkes Bay working alongside other SOT chiropractors. This was a great experience and I saw everyone from newborns to their grandparents.



I am passionate about everyone leading a healthy, active life. Growing up with chiropractic, I have long known the benefits it can have, not only on your function, but your overall health. Originally from Melbourne, I graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic and have since been on a mission to help people thrive! I would be beyond thrilled to meet and help you or any family members on the journey to greater health and wellbeing through chiropractic care.


As a high school student I was always interested in natural health. I had read many different nutrition books and worked out daily. Over time I became inspired about the possibilities of chiropractic. I applied to RMIT in Melbourne and hence started my chiropractic career. I graduated in 1987 and with Dr. Power’s help started my own practice in Toowong, Brisbane. My focus has always been on family wellness care, especially children.

In our practice a lot of people start care because they have a specific problem they want help with, so our first concern is to deal with their immediate needs.


Lifetime Chiro has been servicing our Kenmore community for 15 years at this location. Our patients love knowing they always receive high-quality care from our experienced providers.

Chiropractic is natural healthcare that can make a difference. Whether your pain and discomfort is from a sports injury, chronic issues, pregnancy or an acute occurrence, we have solutions for you. With our total wellness approach, we can address your problem without drugs or surgery.

Our focus is on family health and wellness; it’s a pleasure treating mums, dads and their children. We want to help you continue to enjoy healthy, active lifestyles for life!

We are committed to continuing to service our long-standing patients and welcome new ones ready to experience all that chiropractic offers. Chiropractic is for everyone; you don’t have to continue to suffer, it may help you get healthy and stay that way.


"This place is the most wonderful healing centre . The vibe, the team, the skill - uncommon for sure - in a very good way. For several years Michael has been taking care of me, family and referred friends - he is a talented health professional and I credit him with bringing my body back to wellness and keeping it there.

Michael attracts only talented and equally wonderful team members, Recently I have also been seeing Jordenne and she is also doing wonderful work.

I trust this place and the work they have done for me and mine - has been wonderful and health changing."

-Stephen Harris

-Susanne Cowdery


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876 Moggill Rd,

Kenmore QLD 4069, Australia


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Monday: 8:00a – 11:15a & 1:00p – 7:00p

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876 Moggill Rd, Kenmore QLD 4069, Australia

We are directly opposite Woolworths Shopping Centre. Turn left into Marshall Lane and as soon as you round the corner turn into the service road in front of the Caltex service station.

We are the second house after the service station in the service road.

We have road side parking or parking at the front and behind our practice.